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Award-winning ChatGPT app for you mac. Beautiful design, fast responses, unlimited custom instructions and super quick access. Fly AI is easy to use and immensely powerful.

Everyone loves Fly AI.

Here’s what some of them have to say.

Work faster. Work smarter.

A better way to use AI.

Make your own collection of custom AI mini-apps and summon them from anywhere on your Mac.

Save your frequently used prompts and facts about your work to generate more relevant responses.
Fast and lightweight
Fly AI is a native Mac app, so it’s always ready to go. No need to open a browser or wait for a page to load.
Latest and greatest
Access latest models from OpenAI, like fast and efficient ChatGPT or the most powerful GPT-4.
Private by design
We take your privacy seriously. Your data is never recorded, and opted out of future model training according with OpenAI API policies.
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Supercharge your workflow with AI

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Do I need a ChatGPT subscription? Can I use my own API key?

      Fly AI is a standalone application that does not require an OpenAI key to use. Neither do you need a ChatGPT subscription, Fly AI offers its own subscription tiers.

    • Is it really private?

      Fly AI is as private as we could make it. We don't record your conversations, but we do send your requests to Open AI. Your data is subject to their data policy: opted out of future model training and deleted after 30 days.

    • Is it an Electron app?

      No, Fly AI is 100% native and made with Swift to provide you with the best macOS ChatGPT experience.